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According to Center of Childhood Creativity, “Counter to long-held assumptions about babies and toddlers’ cognitive capacity, we now know that STEM thinking starts in infancy.” Its a great article and highlights how STEM education is a national priority, not just an individual one.

Key Items:

  • STEM thinking begins at Infancy – we need to encourage and nurture this ability to ensure it grows into a live long habit
  • Children need more time for play – this helps with STEM thinking
  • STEM helps in language development
  • STEM skills and interests are built by hands-on learning in which they can steer their learning.
  • Having a ‘growth mindset’ matters – this word is becoming a bit of an ambiguous buzz word, but essentially believing learning, improvement, hard work, and intentional effort go hand-in-hand. The growth mindset is especially lacking in minorities.
  • Children can grapple with abstract ideas – contrary to belief, and feedback from parents on some of the Tinker Toddlers books is that children need concrete things they can see and think. Modern research disagrees.

The article deep dives into each of these key items. A wonderful read!

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