Update from Day 2 – although I will still pursue audiobooks, turns out PublishingLife.com is not a good resource for children’s books and I’ve requested a refund.

Day 1 – Children’s Picture Books and PublishingLife.com

For about 1 year now, I’ve been curious about how to publish my children’s picture books as an audiobook on audible. I devour books on audible all the time. Most of the time these are self-help, business, or science related books (constantly trying to be better and learn). I would also come across children’s books like Dr. Seuss, Dragon’s Breath, tons of sleep-time books.

This got me thinking. Could publishing children’s books on audible be for me? I kept thinking and thinking and….

..AND I finally did something about this week!

Today, I just started a course today to learn how to publish an audiobook on audible (in the class right now)! The course is by Publishing Life and I found them through a YouTube add last week. I ended up clicking on the link and watching their 2 hour webcast the same day. Because I walked away with key learnings, and their money back guarantee, I signed up (I am not an impulse buyer, but like them, I also believe its the right time for indie authors to go into audiobooks aligned with their mission). I believe I could learn a lot of this on my own, but with 2 kids and being low on time, I hope this will expedite my learning.

My goals for this class are:

  • create value for my children’s book readers via audiobooks
  • see if children’s picture books can be good candidates for audiobooks
  • if so, then write a new children’s book series that involves STEM in some form
  • publish children’s books on audible
  • learn how to do a proper book launch
  • add another income stream for my books
  • get to know more folks that are part of the indie publishing community

More about the PublishingLife.com Course for audiobooks (on audible):

  • Focus is audiobooks which is great. That’s what I want – a focused course in an area I haven’t explored
  • The course focuses on topics that aren’t bombarded – so you’ll make money
  • Get to go to a group Q&A question 3x a week and individual coaching too
  • Guarantee to make 5K profit or money back – so pretty low risk from my perspective
  • Recommend writing through a ghostwriter – I’ll be doing my own writing

What I learned today on Publishing Life (45 min intro):

  • Said hello to my fellow classmates – 16 people in the call today
  • How to navigate their curriculum, signed up for Q&A sessions, and facebook group
  • Learned how to search specifically for children book topics (excited about this the most)

If you also want to take the course and publish your own audiobook (can be any genre)